What is Limit of Advance?
Limit of Advance, or LOA, is a military-style obstacle course designed by two United States Army Infantry Drill Sergeants.  This is the only event designed from a military point-of-view.  LOA is an event that you register for and compete in.  

The Limit of Advance 2016 event starts on the morning of October 1st, 2016 in 1700 Army rd, Marseilles, IL 61341, and will run all day.


Ok, but what does Limit of Advance mean?
Limit of Advance or LOA, is a term that the military uses mainly when conducting battle drills.  Here is the military definition:  limit of advance (LOA) - An easily recognized terrain feature beyond which attacking elements will not advance. (See also probable line of deployment (PLD) and final coordination line (FCL).) See FMs 1-112, 7-7, 7-8, 7-10, 7-20, 7-30, 17-15, 17-95, and 71-123.


Who can sign up for the Limit of Advance event?
If your'e 18 or older and are up to the challenge of rucking 35 lbs. for 7 km, struggling through 3 miles of obstacles that are created in honor of historic U.S. Military battles and finishing off with a rifle and pistol shoot, then you're good to go.  Though LOA has a strong military influence and attracts a very large military/veteran crowd, this event is open to the public and anyone 18 or older can register.


What do I need to bring?
You'll want to bring a ruck with 35 lbs. of whatever in it. If you don't bring your own ruck, we'll have something similar that you can purchase on location so you can still compete.  Other than that, bring yourself in shape with a good attitude because we ARE going to challenge you.


Do I need to bring a pistol or a rifle?
No. The pistols and the rifle will be provided as well as the ammunition needed.


Is the shooting dangerous?
Shooting is a safe and fun sport when all the proper safety procautions are taken. To ensure that everyone has a safe and fun experience, a Range Officer with be with each contestant while he or she shoots. 


What should I expect when competing?
Expect a challenge that you will talk about for months.  You will start off with a 7.62 km ruck march over rough terrain and then go right into the obstacle course.  The obstacle course is 5.56 km of non-stop action.  Each portion of the obstacle course is built in honor of a significant U.S. Military battle.  There will be no long-distance running to waste your time.  This challenge is a gut-check obstacle course.  After you've completed the course, you go right into the shooting.  There is a pistol shoot and a rifle shoot: each requires you to fire 10 rounds on a timed hit-or-miss rating scheme.  


Is there a prize for 1st place?
Yes.  There is a first place prize for the individual winner. First place for Individual Elite is a custom built AR-15. The winning buddy team will win 1911 Pistols.  The winning fire team will win Glock Pistols.  Note: All winning competators must be legally aloud to own a firearm in their state. Winners will have their firearm transferred to the Federal Firearms Liscensed dealer of their choosing. Illinois residents Must have a valid foid card to receive their firearm.  *subject to change


Can I compete as a team?
Yes.  You can compete as both a member of a buddy team (2 individuals) or a fire team (4 individuals).


What is a fire team?
A fire team is a team within a military squad that usually consists of 4 members.  In the case of the LOA event, the fire team is 4 members competing together.  


Tell me more about the Ruck
Check out the information on the ruck here.


Tell me more about the obstacle course
Check out the information on the course here.


Tell me more about the shooting
Check out the information on the course here.


Where do I go if I have questions?
You can contact us at anytime via email at contact@LimitofAdvance.com or give our parent company a call at 877-55-GRUNT / 877-554-7868 (Grunt Style LLC).